Leveraging Technology in Halal Finance

Leveraging Technology in Halal Finance: Loans driven by group savings pools

The advent of the digital era has offered innovative solutions for various sectors, one of them being Halal finance. It's been a game-changer, paving the way for products and services that seamlessly blend technology with the ethical and moral principles of Islamic tradition. One area where this impact is profound is group money pools, a concept that perfectly aligns with Islamic principles of collective welfare and mutual cooperation.

Achieving Money Goals Faster with Group Money Pools

Group money pools have long been a cultural norm in many communities across the world. Now, Chippit has digitised and automated these money pools, serving to make them even more accessible, hassle-free, and organized. Chippit has made it possible for savers to come together, pool resources, and achieve common money goals faster without any interest involved.

Chippit’s platform enables groups to conveniently save together for both small and significant financial goals, be it for a group trip, charitable causes, home/car purchase, education or even startup funding. The idea of group pay is central to these platforms, and it's not just about pooling resources. It's also about trust, mutual support, and achieving individual or group financial goals together.

Community First, with Transparency

The app helps user boost their savings while enabling savers to track their contribution, automate their savings, and see their money grow over time. The use of technology allows savers to monitor their group savings progress, set reminders for contributions, and have transparency about where and how the pooled funds are being utilized.

Social Money and No-Interest Savings Boosts

A key aspect where Chippit intersects with Halal finance principles is the provision of a form of no interest credit. Chippit’s platform fosters a risk-sharing approach rather than an interest-based one, resonating with the Islamic principle of 'riba' avoidance. Group savings, in this context, can serve as a significant source of interest-free financing.

For instance, if a member of the group needs immediate funding, the group can step in, providing interest-free loans. The individual can then pay back into the group savings over a stipulated period. This approach to group lending and borrowing encourages social responsibility and financial inclusivity, epitomizing the essence of social money.


Islamic finance's adherence to ethical principles makes it appealing beyond its traditional Muslim clientele. As Halal finance becomes more integrated with digital technology, its potential to foster economic growth and financial inclusion becomes even more significant.

Technology has proven to be a powerful tool in facilitating Islamic principles of Halal finance and Chippit is helping to lead this charge with its community driven finance app. It offers a fresh perspective on savings, promotes financial literacy, and provides a path towards achieving collective and individual money goals faster. Chippit has successfully overcome the challenges of regulation and cybersecurity, resulting in the potential for its technology have an immense impact in the sphere of group savings and social money in the context of Halal loans, Halal credit, Muslim mortgages, and Ijarah financing. Chippit goal is to help user harness the power of social money digitally and hassle-free, offering a more inclusive, ethical, and sustainable approach to reaching money goals.

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