Achieve your money goals, hassle-free.

Chippit is a money-smart peer-to-peer app that revolutionizes how you approach your finances. It's time to break free from the burdens of debt and embrace a life of financial empowerment alongside your tribe.

With Chippit, you can navigate money matters with ease, keeping your financial affairs private while leveraging the benefits of group dynamics to achieve your money goals.

Here's how Chippit helps you on your journey:

Download the app: Take the first step towards becoming money-smart by downloading Chippit from your app store. This intuitive app puts you in control of your financial destiny, helping you make smarter decisions.

Build your tribe: Surround yourself with a trusted circle of friends and family who share your vision for financial success. Chippit removes the awkwardness when discussing money matters, allowing you to openly support and guide each other on your financial journeys.

Keep your financial matters private: Chippit understands the importance of privacy when it comes to personal finances. You can rest assured that your financial information remains secure within the app, while still benefiting from the collective power of your tribe to achieve your money goals.

Unlock the benefits of grouping: Through Chippit, you can harness the strength of group dynamics to amplify your financial progress. Pool resources and ideas with your tribe, collectively working towards common financial objectives while maintaining individual financial autonomy.

Additional features of Chippit include:

Money-smart tools: Chippit provides you with tools and resources to enhance your financial literacy and make informed decisions. Take advantage of budgeting, savings, and goal-tracking features to stay on track.

Build Your Credit (Coming soon): Chippit provides a unique opportunity to build your credit profile. By using the app responsibly, making timely repayments, and demonstrating good financial habits, you can establish a positive credit history. This can open doors to better financial opportunities in the future, such as qualifying for loans, mortgages, and favourable interest rates.

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